Bender Similar to the Hossfeld #2

The images available here are drawings for a steel/tubing bender similar to the Hossfeld #2 bender.The images were originally posted by Robert Grauman at Note: the 1-1/16" C-C dimensions on sheets 2 and 3 are probably incorrect. I measured 1-3/32" on my Hossfeld bender.

This link refers to a zipfile containing all 38 .dxf files - about 250KB.

This link refers to a zipfile containing all 38 .jpg images - about 2.1MB.

The links below refer to the individual .jpg images (about 80KB each).

Sheet 01Sheet 02Sheet 03Sheet 04Sheet 05
Sheet 06Sheet 07Sheet 08Sheet 09Sheet 10
Sheet 11Sheet 12Sheet 12aSheet 13Sheet 14
Sheet 15Sheet 16Sheet 17Sheet 18Sheet 19
Sheet 20Sheet 21Sheet 22Sheet 23Sheet 24
Sheet 25Sheet 26aSheet 26bSheet 26cSheet 27
Sheet 28Sheet 29Sheet 30Sheet 31Sheet 32
Sheet 33Sheet 34Sheet 35
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